Friday, March 14, 2014

Road trip planning

Mr P is back from his fishing trip to the coast and Dusty is in need of an overhaul inside and out before next setting of on our road trip, north to Queensland.

First things first, curtains and seat covers were stripped out and put in the wash, this was a long overdue chore.  We will need to go out to Fyshwick tomorrow to get the shower tent and pump. I think Anaconda will be out best bet for these. Monday it's new tyres and a trip to Bitch'n stitch' for the privacy screen for the Fiama awning.

We are hoping to get down to Narooma next Saturday for the school reunion and a catch up with friends before hitting the road north on Sunday. Our first stop will be the popular birding spot at Capertee Valley, driving up through Goulburn to Bathurst will also by pass Sydney.

Stay tuned for more reports.